Rebecca Poarch is a 22-year-old artist from East Williston, New York.  She graduated from the Pennsylvania State University after pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with her concentration in Painting & Drawing.  She is a current Studio Artist, Public Relations Manager, and Gallery Assistant at The Art Guild located at Elderfields Preserve, a historic landmark and nature preserve, in Flower Hill, New York.

Rebecca's work contemplates poetic threads between forms, while connecting to both internal and external humanly experiences across infinite space, including our earth and beyond.  Through painting an engagement between human identity to natural phenomena, she aims to create a personal mythology and diaristic narrative with much boundary dissolution between the physical and metaphysical, or the earthly and ethereal.  Rebecca's work examines an intimate relationship between the self and femininity, thus healing and accepting both bodily and heavenly changes on her quest for true inner harmony.  In a folkloric and autobiographical fashion, Rebecca transcends the everyday through constructive escapism.  Rebecca hopes to reflect oneness, beauty, and empowerment in her work, particularly emphasizing the elasticity and resilience of the female form in both body and spirit.


Rebecca's current studio space in Flower Hill, New York.

(Photographed by Jane Muller)