Rebecca’s work is an attempt to understand the boundary dissolution between the human body and the space it inhabits on Earth through an intuitive response to her materials. Often working with found materials alongside traditional painting mediums, she grounds her work to the mundane, natural, and everyday. She believes that transforming these found materials can offer activations beyond the tangible. As a result, she is contemplating poetic connections and patterns at the intersection of science, astrology, intimacy, and mysticism. These systems and relationships offer her the possibility of greater understanding beyond the quotidian world. Creating a personal mythology and diaristic narrative through her medium, she references the observed natural world, as well as her imagined internal world. Collected seashells mutating to blooms, spilling sunlight imprinting upon the dreamer's sleep, flower petals, fortune telling, and beauty rituals; this is just a small portion of what forms each artwork.

Rebecca graduated from The Pennsylvania State University after earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with her concentration in Painting & Drawing. She currently works in her studio at The Art Guild located on Elderfields Preserve, a historic landmark and nature preserve, in Flower Hill, New York.


Rebecca's current studio space in Flower Hill, New York.

(Photographed by Jane Muller)