Rebecca Poarch is a multidisciplinary artist from East Williston, New York.  She graduated from the Pennsylvania State University after pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with her concentration in Painting & Drawing.  She is a current Studio Artist, Public Relations Manager, and Gallery Assistant at The Art Guild located at Elderfields Preserve, a historic landmark and nature preserve, in Flower Hill, New York.

Rebecca's work aims to understand the boundary dissolution between the human body and the space it inhabits on Earth, while contemplating poetic connections between energetic forms.  She is especially considering our threads to natural elements on Earth, thus recognizing us as one entity.  While creating a personal mythology drawn from histories of science and mysticism, Rebecca is able to connect the physical and metaphysical, or the earthly and ethereal, thus birthing her imagined utopian planet.  Rebecca's work also examines the healing processes of the body and its relationships to beauty, especially contemplating the elasticity and resilience of the female form.  In the creation of her work, she is able to experience acceptance, connect to a deeper sense of self, and heal varied wounds during her quest for harmony.  Rebecca hopes to uncover the layers of relationships that make up our existence, to then create divine and other-worldly works that imagine not only her personal place of ultimate freedom, but also a planet of peace for humanity at large.


Rebecca's current studio space in Flower Hill, New York.

(Photographed by Jane Muller)