Artist Statement

My work aims to realize the blurred line between the body, the soul, and its lived experiences, in conjunction with these developing ideas of the figure in the contemporary art world.  Describing myself as a figurative painter, I contemplate poetic connections between time-based forms, while deeply connecting to both internal and external experiences across universal space.  I am creating a personal mythology and diaristic narrative in my works with much boundary dissolution between the physical and metaphysical, or the earthly and ethereal.  Through painting an engagement between human identity to natural phenomena, I am contemplating a world of radical beauty and self love; a blooming utopia from a place of innermost vulnerability.


After an intimate surgery that caused me to examine my relationship to femininity and sensuality, my recent works explore the cutting and healing process my body has undergone and its relation to beauty, especially contemplating the elasticity and resilience of the female form.  I have realized that healing spans not only the physical marks on the body, but also the celestial marks on the spirit and the natural land surrounding it, stretching across infinite generations.  Through my painting process, I am able to accept and adapt to the growth I have experienced, connect to my deeper sense of sensuality and femininity, and heal varied wounds during my quest for harmony.

I hope to address questions of growth and self-acceptance, comparing the humanly experience to the heavenly experience, to then create soft, ephemeral, and hyper-feminine works that address not only my personal experiences, but also political and social issues at a greater scale.  I hope to reflect oneness, beauty, and empowerment in my work, particularly while living in the body of a girl who is becoming a woman, navigating this lifetime and earthly experience.